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“We embrace and celebrate the uniqueness of each human being, recognising and welcoming everyone’s different goals and motivations, bodyshapes and sizes, ages and stages, strengths and limitations.”

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Benefits of regular yoga practise

  • Start the day with peace and calm
  • Wake up in the morning feeling well rested and energetic
  • Go through the day with a calm sense of purpose
  • Make decisions easily with a clear and focused mind
  • Always be fully present and focused
  • Fall asleep easily at night and stay asleep

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Frankston South Yoga and Massage

Our Yoga and Massage studio provides a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere. Our serene setting enables you to listen to your body and enables you to enhance your yoga experience. Perfect for yoga, meditation, reflexology and Hahnemann Healing. Our Yoga studio is open monday to saturday and one sunday every month for our monthly Meditation class.

If you are unable to make it to our studio, head to our contact page and arrange an appointment for us to come out to you.