Awesome teacher. Great people. Tranquil and safe environment

Yoga was been recommended by my doctor to help with Insomnia and also as a replacement for running to reduce the stress on my adrenal system.

Yoga has given me more energy, increased my flexibility and reduced muscle stiffness & tightness. Yoga has also taught me to slow down. Bettina often reminds us in class to be kind to ourselves. I take this home with me.

I love Bettina’s teaching style. Small classes allow her to work with students in areas they wish to focus on. Bettina is funny, she always makes me smile. She has a lovely nature and always checks in to see how her students are doing.

I continue to practice because I can focus on myself physically and mentally. I may not always want to go due to fatigue, but I’m always glad I do because of the way I feel after: relaxed and energised!

Fiona Taylor, Mt Eliza – November 2014