Best teacher and beautiful sanctuary


Flexibility, improved posture, a means to calm and slow my thoughts, deal with and manage anxiety and finding some time for myself were my motivations for starting yoga with Bettina mid 2013.

Over time yoga has helped to calm and centre me and has enabled me to deal with life’s challenges, to the point where my anxiety is almost non-existant.  It also makes me more aware of my body and the importance of maintaining it’s health. I find routine and discipline on the mat which keeps me grounded and is lacking in my life.  Furthermore, I enjoy all physical and mental benefits the yoga practice brings, it’s my healthy outlet.

Bettina is the best teacher and provides the best yoga classes I’ve come across with a beautiful little sanctuary to gaze out onto when I’m holding those looong poses. Thanks Bettina.  Even though I often drag myself to class, with a frown on my face, I love your classes and always feel better for it afterwards.

Malia Schmid, Seaford – November 2014