The most important question to ask yourself, for yoga and for life.

Losing motivation, hands up if that has ever happened to you.  Mine is up.  Sometimes, we even lose motivation for the very things we previously had a passion for.  No need to dwell on the fact that it has happened, let’s explore what we can do about it.

Some of us lose our motivation for our yoga practice, not only in winter.  We blame the rain, cold wind, unwellness, colds, stiffness, darkness, sleepiness or other for it.

I’m often asked: “Bettina, how can I keep my motivation for yoga all year round?”.  It’s a valid and important question. How can we keep motivated or even increase our motivation not only for yoga, but for other things in our lives as well.

Let’s de-mystify motivation.  Let’s look at the word :  MOTIVE (ation).

Can we ask ourselves, what is actually our MOTIVE for doing what we are doing.  In case of yoga practice, what is our why for practising yoga in the first place?

Is it the desire to improve your health?  And has that desire perhaps slipped into the background, has the motive (ation) to perfect certain postures moved into the foreground?  And now you realise that this sense of competition is not really in line with your values and why you started yoga in the first place.  Recognise that, become true to your initial motivation and reason for practice, namely your health, and your motivation will come back.

When we know why we do what we do, motivation naturally happens.  Our motivation will be in line with our own values.  It will be in line with what is important to us, what matters to us most.  And if it is not, then we will lack motivation.

So in case of our yoga practice, we need to become clear on why we are stepping on the mat.  Ask yourself, what is your motivation, your reason, for coming to class.  And if you have practiced yoga with me before, you know that I invite you to answer this question several times a year.

Being clear on our reason and motive for doing something is the answer to any lack of motivation.  Yoga, life and all!

Ask yourself here and now, what are your reasons for allowing yoga to be a part of your life?  Or, what is missing when you don’t practice yoga for a while?

Notice, these answers reflect our values in life.

On a personal note.

Each year after I come back from my July holiday in Germany, and from the two week break after Christmas, I ask myself, what is your motive for teaching yoga Bettina?

I aim to answer this question to remain an authentic yoga teacher, and to stay motivated throughout the year for my profession, as well as for my own yoga practice.

Here are my answers:

  • Adding value.  I have the desire to add value to my clients’ life.  The value of being of service and do useful work is important to me.  Also, to be adding value to those I encounter, in general.
  • Excellence.  Personal and professional excellence.  I do wish to fulfil my fullest potential.  I do realise however, that not everybody strives for that.  Personally I do, and nothing prompts me more to do just that than running my own business in the healing arts.
  • Connection.  Connection to myself in a closer and broader sense is essential to me.  I wish to pass on the idea that connection to self fosters a deeper connection to others.  That in turn fosters a sense of peace.  My contribution to world peace.
  • Healing.  I do see my work as healing work.  Facilitating healing from physical ailment and / or emotional trauma is my dharma.
  • Selfcare and selflove.  Big statements, I know.  I strongly believe that all healing starts with us looking after our needs first.  Not in an arrogant way. In a caring way.  Caring for yourself first.  Selfcare is not selfish, it’s essential.
  • Challenge.  I thrive on a physical and mental challenge.  Interacting with humans, running my own business and the physical practice of yoga provides me with plenty of that.

Your turn now to being clear on the motive and meaning for doing something in your life.  It is your answer to any lack of motivation.  ON and OFF the mat!.

Wishing you the courage to ask the question.

See you on the mat.


Feedback from our Meditation Workshop participants

We all live busy lives.  We all would like to find ways to calm our minds and relax our bodies.  Our monthly meditation workshop offers just that, the exploration of several different ways to meditate, without dogma.

So if you considered meditation before, and are not quite sure where to start, or are wondering if you are “doing it correctly”, or if you even can meditate, then consider joining us for one of our monthly meditation workshops on Sunday mornings from 10 to 1130am.

I asked past participants to tell me in one sentence their reason to attend and what benefit they gained.

“My life is busy, I find peace and quiet in these workshops”.

“For me it’s a way of selfcare”.

“Here, I’m able to let go of physical stress and tension”.

“I know I could meditate more often, but I don’t.  So when I attend, I know this will see me through the next month”.

“It allows me to slow down”.

“It’s very peaceful here.  There is no judgement”.

“It teaches me how to be mindful”.

“My intention is to find balance and clarity”.

“I can find more mindful moments in my life, after what I learn here.

“My word for the year is gentleness”.

“I always find new inspiration for my home practice”.

“It’s a way to sleep and recharge”.

“Meditation helps with my anxiety and better sleep”.

“When I’m here, I actually will meditate”.

“Coming here recharges my batteries”.

“It inspires me.  I always take something new with me”.

“Meditation releases my stress.  I’m more relaxed in the days to follow”.

“I come here to slow down and calm my monkey mind”.

And my personal intention for offering this type of event, is to provide all of the above.  Most of us are much better at holding on and being busy, than letting go, slowing down and relaxing.

My classes and workshops are non-dogmatic. And open to everyone.  The simple idea to calm our minds and relax our bodies is an art and a lifeskill.

Join us on Sunday, March 24th 2019, from 10-1130am and monthly from thereon.

Cost: $25 casual or use your yoga class pass.

Wishing you a relaxed body and a calm mind.

Thursday Meditation Class – Every first Thursday of the month

After many appreciated requests for a regular meditation class during the week (as not everybody will be able to attend the Sunday Morning monthly meditation workshop), I’m excited to offer you a monthly meditation class on the first Thursday of each month.

6th February

5th March

2nd April

7th May

4th June

6th August

3rd September

8th October

5th November

3rd December

This will be held right after our yoga class, from 11.15am to 12.15pm.  You can come for the double (yoga and meditation) or just for one. Cost is $25 or class pass.

It is my mission to allow you to have a pleasant meditation experience.  Meditation is joyful and do-able by everybody.

The emphasis in this class in on experiencing, exploring and allowing. The benefit of meditation lies in the practice, in the doing and exploring. Not so much in the technique. This class also serves the need of the community, as it becomes more obvious through my work in yoga, coaching and healing, that the ability of becoming present, staying focused, clear thinking, calming and slowing our thinking is an essential life skill to have. One that can’t be learned from a book, one that has to be practiced and experienced. Preferably with permissive guidance.

Be curious, allow yourself to open up to your full potential.

Learn and experience the ART OF MEDITATION in a natural environment, with like-minded people, with an open heart and a curious mind. With me and my experience and wisdom. I’m happy to share and explore with you.
See you on those dates.

This is a casual class and does not require booking.


SPRING – The season of RENEWAL.

To honour the transition from winter to spring, from darkness to light, see if you can incorporate this simple meditation into your life.  The spring equinox on 21 September marks equilibrium between day and night, and it is the aim of yoga and meditation to restore balance in mind, body and spirit.

In addition to our yoga practice, see this link to website for my suggested yoga poses for spring, a meditation practice will give you another dimension and tool to celebrate the change of season, both within nature and within yourself.  Restoring and finding balance.

Find a comfortable seated position.  Let your spine be long and draw in soft, smooth and even breaths through your nose.  Scan your body and see if you can release any tension with the use of your exhalation. Sit and be like this for a few breaths or longer if time permits.

Meditation Script.

  • Start to feel your sit bones against the surface you are sitting on.
  • See if you can visualize grounding down into your sit bones, as if you are glued to the surface you are sitting on.
  • See if you can visualize growing roots or ankers to the earth.
  • Ask yourself what is grounding you to this earth, what is steadying you, what or who is stabilizing you.
  • Now visualise that, may this be something tangible, or intangible, a person, a thing, a belief, a habit or otherwise. Visualize it, feel it and bring it as close to you as possible.
  • Now, see if you can visualize the top of your head.
  • See if you can imagine that with each inhalation through the top of your head you breathe in new energy, and with each exhalation release anything that is no longer useful to your mind, body and spirit. You do not need to know consciously what that is, the intention to do so is enough for this meditation.
  • Repeat breathing and visualizing in this form for as long as you have time and are comfortable.

If thoughts, feelings, sensations or emotions arise, simply acknowledge them, and see if you can come back to the meditation.

You can practice this anywhere and at any time.  The practice as such is where the benefit lies.

To end, bring your hands into anjali mudra (prayer hands) in front of your heart and close with a moment of gratitude and reflection, soaking up the energy of your meditation into your life and into your whole being.

Enjoy being in meditation, be kind to yourself and have fun.

With my best wishes for a vibrant season of Spring.


Find a comfortable seated position.  Perhaps sit on a cushion or a blanket, lean against a wall, or sit in a chair.  Place your palms facing up in mudra of knowledge (first finger and thumb touching) with your palms facing up to open your awareness and receive energy, or with your palms facing down to ground and calm the mind.

Scan your body and see if you can release any tension with the use of your exhalation.

Let your spine be long and upright.  Slightly draw your chin in and let the back of your neck lengthen.

Bring your attention to the natural rhythm of the breath.  Feel the rise and fall or your inhalation and exhalation.  As you focus on your breath, start to practice the simple mantra “So Hum”.  On your inhale, silently say ‘so’ to yourself and as you exhale, say ‘hum’.  Keep repeating.  Once the ‘so hum’ rhythm has been established, begin to contemplate the meaning of ‘so hum’.

As you inhale with the mantra ‘so’ inwardly say to yourself “I AM”, connecting to your essential self.  Contemplate the source of your breath.  Where is your breath coming from?  Through your visualisation contemplate the 5 billion human beings and countless creatures on Earth being fed by the same tidal rhythm of the breath.

As you exhale with ‘hum’, inwardly say “that” or “ALL THAT IS”.  Feel how your exhalation releases you into the space around you.  Visualize your exhalation leaving your body through your nostrils and then merging back into the atmosphere, back into infinity, back into “all that is”.

See if you can stay with this contemplation until you naturally begin to settle into a state of unified consciousness.  This may only happen for a few brief, refreshing moments at any one time.  If thoughts, feelings, sensations, emotions arise, acknowledge them, and see if you can come back to the simple mantra of ‘so hum’.

To end, bring your hands into anjali mudra (prayer hands) in front of your heart and close with a moment of gratitude and reflection, soaking up the energy of your meditation into your life and into your whole being.

This meditation can be practiced anywhere and anytime.  Please be kind to yourself and accept that in the beginning you may only be able to focus for a few breaths at a time.  There is no expectation as to how long you need to meditate for.  Always make any practice suit your needs and requirements.

How to Celebrate – My Six Favourite Ways.

June is my Birthday month.  So each year my intention for this month is – Celebration!

And to help you find a way to celebrate in day to day life, I am going to share 6 ways of celebrating life that work for me.  Six ways to nurture your whole being, mind, body and soul.

  • listen to beautiful music (YOU define the meaning of beautiful)


  • spend time in nature


  • enjoy a delicious meal (with friends optional)


  • hug another human


  • do something physical (movement, body treatment…)


  • declutter

There’s no need for complication, no need to spend a lot of money, or to even leave the house.

See if you can incorporate one or many of those ideas into your life and notice what happens.

Please let me know how it goes for you.  And maybe you can share YOUR favourite ways to celebrate with me.


The Meaning of OM

We have all heard the word OM, often we have chanted it, perhaps not so often we have felt or understood the meaning of OM.  So let’s explore it a little.

OM is a Sanskrit word, first felt by rishis (sages or inspired poets) while they were in meditation.  So the idea was to feel the OM, the essence of the OM, rather than the sound of OM. Initially.  Then, people started to chant OM to get the experience of OM.  And so the sound of OM was born.

It is not a religion, nor will chanting it change our religion or belief.  I just want to clarify that.

Apparently, OM represents everything, it is the seed of all creation.  It is the whole universe combined in one word and three syllables A-U-M.

In the yogic tradition, mantra is a powerful tool to focus and quiet the mind.  So by chanting the mantra OM, we aim for the focus, clarity and calm state of the mind.

The Dictionary says:

“ It is a mystic syllable, considered the most sacred mantra in Hinduism and Tibetan Buddhism. It appears at the beginning and end of most Sanskrit recitations, prayers, and texts. “

The magic lies in experiencing the mantra of OM, so when we chant, see if we can feel the power each syllable has as the vibrations move from the lower belly up through the solar plexus, and all the way up to the top of the head. Let the vibrations clear and cleanse our energy system and our whole being.

OM is an auspicious word, it opens our heart, we surrender to something higher than ourselves when we chant OM.

When we start our yoga practice with the chant of an OM, the intention is to harmonise the energy of the group, and to allow everyone to draw the attention inwards, to where yoga practice is most impactful and to where the real joy of yoga resides.

In our classes, we often set an intention with the closing OM, such as –allowing the vibrations to heal and unclench each and every cell in our physical body, or – to send the vibration into a physical, emotional or mental part of ourselves to bring forth more healing, or –to send the healing vibrations of the OM to something greater than ourselves, to a good cause, or to someone else who may be needing some extra energy and healing.

Explore and experiment yourself with this most beautiful seed mantra OM.

Please let me know how it goes for you and what other yoga topics you would like me to explore for you.

Sound Meditation – Crystal and Metal Bowls

Sunday, 12th November and 3rd December

+++ Fully Booked +++

Please allow yourself 1hr of selfcare as the need to slow down increases towards the end of the year.

No meditation or yoga experience is required. Simply a desire to rest and rejuvenate.

You will be lying or sitting in a comfortable position and simply listen to the sounds of both, the crystal and the metal singing bowls. Be immersed in the healing vibrations of these beautiful bowls.

Give back to yourself, slow down, rest and relax.

Sign in at the enrolment sheet in the studio or email me at

Cost: $25

Looking forward to seeing you then.



Ganesha Mantra

Om Gam Ganpataye Namah

This is the Mantra dedicated to the Lord Ganesha.

Ganesha is one of the more popular and well known Hindu deities.  He is the one with the elephant head, and known to be the remover of obstacles and negativity.  So chanting the mantra dedicated to him “Om Gam Ganpataye Namah is known to ward off obstacles and negativity.  It is recommended to chant it at the beginning of new projects, new work or a new life stage.

You will also get benefits from hearing the mantra or writing it.

It is translated as:

” I bow down to the almighty Lord Ganesha with all my existence and I accept all his great qualities in myself. ”

Sit or stand in a comfortable position and start to breathe softly and slowly.  When you are ready, begin to chant.  Find your rhythm, your tone, your speed.  Allow the chanting to be joyful and light, without any strain. Give attention to how it feels to chant, rather than whether you get the ‘lyrics’ or the rhythm right.

It is recommended to chant at least 11 times.  Multiples of 108 are considered best.

Have fun with this and pay attention to how you feel, during and after.  Enjoy!

Namaste, Bettina

Breath Meditation to calm and balance your body & mind

Access this 3 minute breath meditation whenever you need to relax your mind and body.

Noticing and directing your breath is a sure way to calm and relaxation.  You do not need any equipment or experience.  Simply allow yourself to release tension with each sigh.

The benefit is in the practice.  Practice with me and my voice and then on your own, as often as you wish.