Variation In Each And Every Class



Hi, I’m Liza, I have started yoga with Bettina in 2011. At the time I re-commended my yoga practice, 100% of my time was spent looking after little ones at home. As my husband was also working from home, and I needed something for me, time away from all, to nurture, replenish, stretch, tone, grow & ground and yoga did all of that for me and I had very much been missing it after 2 years pause.
So to be more specific about how yoga has helped me, here is my answer:
Yoga has immensely improved my posture, it helped with back & neck pain, and over the years my asanas (physical postures) have improved greatly. But when I think deeper it is more about how it’s helped me in all areas; mentally, physically & spiritually. When I first started yoga in 2004 I used to struggle in each & every posture, I couldn’t get out of my own way and I was stuck in my head. But very recently I’ve noticed how I can immediately enter a peaceful state of calm and ease. I’ve realized my yoga practice has become a moving meditation which is so very special.
I’m totally addicted in the best possible way! I can’t imagine life without some kind of daily yoga now. It makes me feel great in every way & I just love it for that.
I keep practicing with Bettina, because she is the best yoga teacher that I have found for me. I love that she loves to vary each & every class, I love all the extras she teaches us without it being noticeable. I love that she connects to seasons, moon cycles, how we feel etc. and I love her infectious enthusiasm and gratitude for life.
Thank you very much Bettina, I still remember coming home from my first class with you and how excited, rejuvenated and enthused I was. You just give so much so generously and I’m so very grateful for that, your wisdom & friendship.

Liza Baker, Mt Eliza – November 2014

Focus on Breath & Sense of Fun



I have been practicing yoga for about 7 years and joined Bettina’s yoga classes in June 2014 to broaden my yoga experience.  I really enjoyed Bettina’s approach and style of yoga when she taught at a studio where we both practice.

Yoga is now integral in my life as it nourishes me through stretching, strength, increased flexibility and a supportive, safe environment where I can relax and enjoy the company of others who seek a similar connection with themselves. I find yoga helps me relax and remain balanced with work, exercise and meditation. My body loves it, my mind craves it and yoga helps me maintain my body as the summers pass by.

I really like the type of yoga Bettina teaches and her approach to her students.  I like the quiet way we focus on breathing and quieting our thoughts, while still having an active session.  Bettina brings a lovely energy and sense of fun to her classes, but still keeps it interesting and challenging.

Peter Healy, Mt Eliza – November 2014

Energy & Positivity

I have been practicing yoga for many years for the pure and simple reason that it keeps me sane! With the added bonus of helping me stay flexible and strong.
Yoga had been a gentle and therapeutic activity for me for the past ten years or so and had helped greatly through both of my pregnancies.

I found Bettina a few years after moving to Frankston and I am so happy that Idid. Since discovering Bettina’s classes, which are full of such energy and positivity, she has encouraged and inspired me to go further with my practice in just a few months. I enjoy having a positive, confident and calm outlook on life and my strength and flexibility have also improved to the point where I can do handstands again! What a rush for a 42 year old!

Thank you Bettina, you really are a wonderful person and a gifted yoga teacher.

Wendy Cowan, Frankston – January 2015

Floating on a Cloud after Reflexology Treatment

You know my husband said he can tell when I’ve had a Reflexology Treatment, because I look like I’m floating on a cloud. I feel so good after a treatment like nothing else I’ve ever tried & I’ve tried every kind of therapy there is. Nothing comes close to Reflexology to relax and calm not only my body but more importantly my mind, which I find very hard to accomplish any other way.
And then there are Bettina’s wonderful oils and creams which only heighten this magnificent treatment. I recommend everyone to try this wonderful treatment under Bettina’s healing hands.

Robyn Bechaz, Langwarrin – December 2014

Better Health and Flexibility

I have been practicing yoga with Bettina for over three years now and I find yoga is the perfect kind of exercise for me. In addition to the improvement to my health, Yoga also improves my body flexibility.
Bettina is a very caring teacher. She knows the strength and weakness of every student. She gives us choices and allows us to trust our own bodies. Her yoga classes suit every level of fitness & ability. Not to mention her beautiful studio overlooking a valley with beautiful trees and bushes.
I came to yoga for better health & flexibility and only after a few weeks I noticed the improvement in my upper body strength. Yoga breathing also helped me going through surgeries in that it helped me calm down and I found myself more pain tolerant too.
The 10-class passes give us flexibility to attend and the session times are well arranged so everybody can find a session time to suit their schedule. Keep up your great work Bettina.

Yvonne Chan, Frankston – December 2014

Awesome teacher. Great people. Tranquil & safe environment

Yoga was been recommended by my doctor to help with Insomnia and also as a replacement for running to reduce the stress on my adrenal system.

Yoga has given me more energy, increased my flexibility and reduced muscle stiffness & tightness. Yoga has also taught me to slow down. Bettina often reminds us in class to be kind to ourselves. I take this home with me.

I love Bettina’s teaching style. Small classes allow her to work with students in areas they wish to focus on. Bettina is funny, she always makes me smile. She has a lovely nature and always checks in to see how her students are doing.

I continue to practice because I can focus on myself physically and mentally. I may not always want to go due to fatigue, but I’m always glad I do because of the way I feel after: relaxed and energised!

Fiona Taylor, Mt Eliza – November 2014

Gifted at working with the energy in the room

Hi, I’m Fiona Lambden, I have started yoga with Bettina in October 2014. Bettina’s classes are fantastic. She is really gifted at working with the energy in the room. Her classes are a great balance between nurture and exertion.
I come to yoga to recharge by reconnecting with a quieter mind. My physical asana practice is very important to me as it helps me create a sense of calmness that I try to carry off the mat. I love yoga for all the physical and mental benefits. I could not ever imagine life without it.
I started just wanting a strong asana practice to improve my running ability. Then I realized I was a lot calmer in my mind for the practice. After I looked deeper into the yoga Sutras and began meditation, I realized that this was a practice that had the potential to give me confidence and really helped me manage stress and react with calmness and reason to life.
Yoga is a continuing journey of self-discovery, improvement and self-awareness.

Fiona Lambden, Frankston – November 2014

Yoga to Extend Myself

I wanted to improve my flexibility and fitness, wanted to become calmer and learn some breathing techniques. I love yoga and have started with Bettina in 2013.

I love trying poses I haven’t done before to extend myself. The breathing is great and yoga class is the only “quiet” time of the week. Yoga has also increased my flexibility for golf.

Bettina’s passion for yoga is infectious, it makes me want to do and learn more. Thanks again.

Sonia H., Mt Eliza – November 2014

Feeling Positive & Better Sleep

As a new mum I needed some “me” time and my chiropractor recommended I start yoga for my posture and post pregnancy recovery. These motivations led me to start my yoga journey with Bettina in March this year.

After only a few months, my posture has improved, my back pain has decreased and I feel more positive in general. The breathing exercises help me to go to sleep. I keep practicing as I really enjoy yoga and that positive feeling I have after each class and that it provides me with some “me time”.

I practice with Bettina because it is close to home and I really enjoy her classes.

Perri Moore, Frankston South – November 2014

Yoga Helps Me Get to Sleep – Highlight of My Week

As Bettina says “the hardest thing sometimes is just getting to the mat.” But if you make the effort, it’s just so rewarding, both physically and mentally. I love it!

Bettina is a gentle professional teacher, with all the right answers and knowledge. She is calming and caring. The classes are fun, challenging and the highlight of my week.

I have come to yoga to improve my health, my flexibility, improve the state of my sore back and I was looking for calmness, relaxation and I wanted to do something for me.

Yoga has changed and improved my life in many ways. It has given me the ability to calm my mind, which in return helps me get to sleep. I am also physically stronger and more flexible. I also love the yoga breath. I’m proud of how far I’ve come and that I’m able to try certain poses which I find challenging. There is no pressure, judgement or competition, just a satisfied smile. I just love class.

Jenny Black, Frankston South – December 2014