Feeling Positive & Better Sleep

As a new mum I needed some “me” time and my chiropractor recommended I start yoga for my posture and post pregnancy recovery. These motivations led me to start my yoga journey with Bettina in March this year.

After only a few months, my posture has improved, my back pain has decreased and I feel more positive in general. The breathing exercises help me to go to sleep. I keep practicing as I really enjoy yoga and that positive feeling I have after each class and that it provides me with some “me time”.

I practice with Bettina because it is close to home and I really enjoy her classes.

Perri Moore, Frankston South – November 2014

Yoga Helps Me Get to Sleep – Highlight of My Week

As Bettina says “the hardest thing sometimes is just getting to the mat.” But if you make the effort, it’s just so rewarding, both physically and mentally. I love it!

Bettina is a gentle professional teacher, with all the right answers and knowledge. She is calming and caring. The classes are fun, challenging and the highlight of my week.

I have come to yoga to improve my health, my flexibility, improve the state of my sore back and I was looking for calmness, relaxation and I wanted to do something for me.

Yoga has changed and improved my life in many ways. It has given me the ability to calm my mind, which in return helps me get to sleep. I am also physically stronger and more flexible. I also love the yoga breath. I’m proud of how far I’ve come and that I’m able to try certain poses which I find challenging. There is no pressure, judgement or competition, just a satisfied smile. I just love class.

Jenny Black, Frankston South – December 2014

Starting The Day With Clarity & a Focused Mind

Yoga makes me feel more calm. My thoughts are easier to control and to put to the side. There are less thoughts altogether.
I sit up in bed each morning and do the yogic breathing and focus on what is important for the day. This way I start my day with a focused mind and clarity!

Jeff Fisher, Mt Eliza – December 2014

Yoga Tailored to Students’ Needs & Requests



I first met Bettina in October 2012 at the Frankston Health & Well Being Expo, where she encouraged me to come and try one of her classes.
I have always been interested in the holistic approach to health and I was very impressed on meeting Bettina and felt that she was someone who could guide me on my yoga journey. Bettina brings a special quality to her classes in the way she makes you feel part of a family, always interested in any concerns, aches and pains or injuries that you may be carrying and tailors the class to her students’ needs and requests.
My core strength, flexibility and breathing have improved a great deal, helping me to achieve an inner calmness when needed. Every class is different, some days more challenging than others. I commit to at least twice a week to maintain my flexibility. There is always something new to learn that can be taken and used in day to day life, I am constantly surprising myself in what I can do and hope to continue to do so for a long time.
I think myself very lucky to have met Bettina at the Expo.

Jeanne Gough-Allen, Langwarrin – November 2014

Feeling More Relaxed and Calm

I enjoy practising yoga and have started yoga with Bettina in April this year to improve flexibility and to feel more relaxed and calm.

I enjoy my yoga practice which brought me increased flexibility, less back problems and better posture. I no longer have regular visits to a physio or chiropractor. I also do feel more relaxed and calm.

Bettina is fun, I enjoy her classes and will be back for more classes.

Greg Momsen, Frankston – November 2014

Great Support and Small Classes

As I wanted to improve my flexibility, wanted some form of exercise to benefit me, needed help sleeping and was looking for calmness, I started yoga with Bettina in May this year.

I really enjoy my weekly yoga practice and it benefits me in many ways: my sleep has improved, I feel calmer and more focused. I also feel happy about my exercise limits.

I practice with Bettina at The Art of Balance because her classes are small and personal. I receive great support and help while still enjoying challenges but never being pushed too far. Keep on doing your amazing classes Bettina.

Di Wadsworth, Langwarrin – November 2014

Feels Like Going to a Friend’s Place

Hi, I’m Cath and I have started yoga with Bettina in July 2014.
My main reasons to start a yoga practice were seeking to improve my strength, my flexibility and looking for a way to reduce stress.
Since starting yoga I have noticed my quality of sleep has improved. I feel a general sense of calm after class but also increased energy. I feel stronger and calmer when I practice regularly.
I feel like coming to Bettina’s studio is like going to a friend’s place. She cares about all her students and knows everyone and where they are at.

Cath Leck, Frankston – December 2014

Yoga Allows Busy Mum to be Mindful



My main motivator for beginning yoga with Bettina in January 2013 was to gently exercise & rehabilitate my stomach muscles and core after recent surgery.  Also, at the time my children were 18 months, 4 & 5 years old, so the prospect of some “me time” was appealing.  It was the first time I allowed myself the luxury of such quality time since becoming a parent.
Yoga has allowed me to slowly begin to strengthen my core & provide a general allround approach to my well-being.  I am fitter, more flexible, more determined and more connected to my surroundings.  I’m beginning to have more respect for myself, as I now realize I am capable of doing “difficult” things.  I am “good” at something.  I do deserve to experience the joy of yoga class even though I’m a busy mum with lots of other responsibilities that I’d previously considered to be more important.

Physically, I notice the difference when I don’t practice yoga.  Emotionally, I enjoy the feeling of connecting with other “like-minded people”.  I love learning techniques to calm my busy mind, or diffuse any negative emotions.  I love the challenge of learning new poses & the sense of accomplishment & confidence that comes with it.

Bettina is so attentive, supportive & encouraging.  She provides the most lovely environment for classes.  The studio atmosphere is instantly calming.  The other students are always so welcoming too.

I believe yoga “found me” at the right time.  Three young children, a growing business, always in a rush – I was in such danger of letting my children grow up in a busy blur with a distracted & grumpy mum.  I try every day to be present, to slow down, to be more mindful of how we interact.  I will not get this time again with my children, and so will be eternally grateful to you, Bettina for reminding me of these most basic, yet often neglected essential things.

Bec Elliot, Botanic Ridge – December 2014

Energy, Presence, Joy



I started yoga with Bettina in 2014 to keep myself strong, flexible, centered and grounded.  Everytime I step into Bettina’s class it’s all about giving back to me.

I have never been able to touch my toes until I found yoga. It has given me so much flexibility and range of movement which I never had in my life before.  I’m calmer and more energised after spending 90mins with Bettina.  My yoga practice is something for me!  It keeps me strong, fit and healthy!  My work can be demanding as I work with energy so it’s an absolute delight to come to class and focus solely on myself.

I choose to practice with Bettina because she is the most beautiful human being!! Her energy and presence is a joy to be around!

Nicky Beschi, Frankston – November 2014

A Breath of Fresh Air



I have started yoga with Bettina in January this year because I wanted to improve my flexibility, become calmer and wanted to meet lots of lovely people.

Yoga has improved my life as I feel a lot stronger, more flexible, more energetic and more able to face life’s challenges.

I absolutely love my yoga practice with Bettina as it makes me feel good and each week we practice something different.  Bettina gives you lots of inspiration and I love the small class and listening to the birds in the background.  It gives me a tranquil feeling.

I feel lucky to have found the Art of Balance.  Bettina you are a breath of fresh air.

Angie Lippiatt, Frankston South – November 2014