Eleven (11) things you didn’t know about me.

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As I am starting my fiftieth (50) year of life this week, I thought it appropriate to let you in on a few bits of information you perhaps did not know about me.

1. I have spent the first 26 years of my life in Germany.

I grew up in the southern part of Germany, in a town called Dettingen unter Teck, close to the City of Cars, Castles & Art: Stuttgart. I am the oldest of three girls to parents who have lived through times of war. The impact of this has shaped my life & is still felt in my parenting today.

2. I love a piece of dark chocolate and a good coffee.

One cannot live on Yogafood, green smoothies and Beef Stroganoff alone. So I have to get my healthy fats from very dark chocolate, preferably Pana, or in the absence of that I’ll go with Lindt. The accompanying coffee will be a ristretto of a double shot, made into an extra hot latte, normal milk, no sugar, please. Thank you.


This is how you write the ABC. My very first job in Australia was with a landscape architect and I was his secretary. Since my handwriting is far from perfect, he honestly thought the German alphabet was different and stuck a note with all 26 letters on top of my computer, to teach me the ‘Australian alphabet’. Seriously!!? Ignorant & audacious, I thought. He wasn’t Australian either.

4. I say a positive affirmation each morning before getting out of bed.

And I suggest you do too. This will change your attitude & outlook on life, it changes your mindset. To express a positive affirmation, your sankalpa or simply something kind that is meaningful to you is a much kinder way to start the day, than the feeling of regret of having to leave the doona behind. One of my favourites: “I am a loving person and I am loved”.

5. I never enjoyed school sports, particularly swimming.

Yikes! Memories still send shivers down my spine. Hard to believe, since I love movement and I always have. But these one-size-fits-all group activities, where it’s more about what socks you’re wearing and if you can get changed in record time is something I detested. Thank goodness for outside school sporting activities, that one could do on one’s own. Yes, I am anintrovert at heart.

6. My original hair colour is mousey brown.

That one comes courtesy of my family. I did not think this fact was neither relevant, nor entertaining, nor in any way appropriate. But since I am a loving person, see point 4, I did listen & included it.

7. I am claustrophobic.

Ouch, that one hurts. Nope, you won’t see me in the Melbourne Star, nor the London Eye or any of the Ferris Wheels around. I will be the one taking photos of everyone else. Aeroplanes, elevators and any other enclosed places make my heart-rate increase & test my home-made deodorant. Thank goodness for yogic breathing.

8. My first business was massage only.

Do you know the Prince of Wales Hotel and its Day Spa Aurora in St Kilda? That’s where I started subcontracting as a Massage Therapist, back in the days when the Spa was still on Beaconsfield Parade & plastic bags were flying in the wind down Acland Street. Lots has changed since then.

9. We don’t own a TV.

Not much to say to this one. No television in da house. And we thrive. As long as there is social media.

10. I have half a nursing degree.

Sure, there are no half degrees. 18months into my nursing degree, back in 1986, I quit. Supervisors were surprised, my parents were shocked, nurses couldn’t believe it, as I was an A student and had a way to make patients feel at ease. Myself, I was unwilling to support the hospital hierarchy and the gods-in-white-mentality. Plus, I was busy changing the world!

11. I love Zumba.

Yes, my latest, weekly movement indulgence. It still feels decadent to take time out during the day just like that to swing the hips, shimmy the shoulders, move this way and that, and totally get lost in the fusion of music, sweat and movement. It’s totally yang, wild and sooo good for my soul. The group of women are fabulous, the instructor is an energy whirlwind who clearly loves what she does and I am using my core strength to not fall into bits. Oh dear!

I’m grateful you read til the end and I hope you had a giggle. I’d love to hear a few unknown bits from you. Send an email or leave a comment. Please & Thank you.

Bettina Pfannkuch