Focus on breath and sense of fun


I have been practicing yoga for about 7 years and joined Bettina’s yoga classes in June 2014 to broaden my yoga experience.  I really enjoyed Bettina’s approach and style of yoga when she taught at a studio where we both practice.

Yoga is now integral in my life as it nourishes me through stretching, strength, increased flexibility and a supportive, safe environment where I can relax and enjoy the company of others who seek a similar connection with themselves. I find yoga helps me relax and remain balanced with work, exercise and meditation. My body loves it, my mind craves it and yoga helps me maintain my body as the summers pass by.

I really like the type of yoga Bettina teaches and her approach to her students.  I like the quiet way we focus on breathing and quieting our thoughts, while still having an active session.  Bettina brings a lovely energy and sense of fun to her classes, but still keeps it interesting and challenging.

Peter Healy, Mt Eliza – November 2014