Gifted at working with the energy in the room

Hi, I’m Fiona Lambden, I have started yoga with Bettina in October 2014. Bettina’s classes are fantastic. She is really gifted at working with the energy in the room. Her classes are a great balance between nurture and exertion.
I come to yoga to recharge by reconnecting with a quieter mind. My physical asana practice is very important to me as it helps me create a sense of calmness that I try to carry off the mat. I love yoga for all the physical and mental benefits. I could not ever imagine life without it.
I started just wanting a strong asana practice to improve my running ability. Then I realized I was a lot calmer in my mind for the practice. After I looked deeper into the yoga Sutras and began meditation, I realized that this was a practice that had the potential to give me confidence and really helped me manage stress and react with calmness and reason to life.
Yoga is a continuing journey of self-discovery, improvement and self-awareness.

Fiona Lambden, Frankston – November 2014