Lessons are transferable and relatable to life off the mat


After injuring myself badly running a half marathon several years ago (my first and only attempt), I started looking for a yoga studio/teacher.  Not only was my body turning away from the more intense types of exercise, but so was my mind.  I wanted to stretch my uptight body, sooth my overworked mind and generally calm down the hectic way I was living my life.

I tried yogalates, Pilates and several other yoga studios, yet I always came away from these classes knowing in my heart that there was something more out there for me – a connection that was missing from these lessons.  It was then that my osteopath recommended that I try yoga at The Art of Balance.  So in early 2013 I visited Bettina’s website and was impressed!  I called to book a class and from that very first phone call, I knew I had found my yoga “home”.  Bettina’s knowledge, patience, encouragement and shining spirit make her not only a wonderful person, but an inspiring teacher.  I am grateful every day for the gift of yoga and what it is bringing to my life through Bettina.

Going to practice at TAOB is my special time to look after myself, escape from the busyness of my life and the bonus is while you practice you overlook the stunning nature reserve – this studio is literally a haven.  It is the perfect environment to just “be” and let the joy and learning happen.

But most importantly, practicing with Bettina has quite simply changed my life, and continues to do so.  The lessons Bettina teaches on the mat are transferrable and relatable to life off the mat.  I am calmer, more resilient and mindful.  I am stronger than I ever knew, slowly getting more flexible, and even though it is taking time and patience, I am learning to listen to my body.

I recommend Bettina and TAOB to any person looking to soothe their soul and nurture their body. Thank you Bettina for influencing my life in such a positive and uplifting way, I will never be able to thank you enough.

Helen Warden, Sandhurst – November 2014