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12 Pieces of Advice to Tell Your Teenage Self, From Your Adult Self

Recently, I asked my adult yoga students what they wish they had known, what kind of advice they would have liked to receive as a teenager. Oh, how insightful the answers were. I passed the wisdom on to some high school yoga students, but surely we can all learn from this tally.

1. Worry less.

It’s good to be prepared and have foresight, but as my 12-year-old daughter says, “Only worry if it is really happening.” Learn to live in the present moment. Worrying too much about the future takes away the energy you need to enjoy your life right now.

2. Be courageous.

So you think you can dance? Step outside your comfort zone and do it. If it feels right, don’t hold back. Do it, try it, pursue it. Ask the question, push the envelope, and be like the Lion at the end of the Yellow Brick Road.

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