Yoga & Meditation URBAN RETREAT

Winter Yoga Retreat – 22nd June 2019

Yoga practice and other yogic ways to support your health and wellbeing throughout the season of Winter.

Extensive notes are provided for your perusal.

Crystal Bowl Sound Meditation.

Allow yourself to find a comfortable position on the floor.  Seated or lying down.  Close your eyes and simply listen to the sounds and vibrations of the crystal singing bowls.  A deeply relaxing and healing experience that requires no effort on your behalf.

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Fully Catered for Food.

Sharing food and conversation is another fun part of the afternoon.

DATE:            22nd June 2019

TIME:             1pm to 5pm

COST:            $95


Bettina Pfannkuch

BSB 733 059 Acct 512308

Please email

I look forward to sharing this nurturing event with you.