Meditation and Pranayama – August 2021

Let the Light In

Meditation is both a gift and a lifeskill.  Most importantly, it is an experience.  Born out of the desire to allow everyone a positive meditation experience, our meditations are permissive and do not require any previous experience or knowledge.  We will explore different types of meditation in our time together. We will also practice simple breathing exercises (pranayama).  In these unusual times, selfcare is an essential part of our lives.  Support yourself and allow yourself to heal.

Aim of the Course:

  • Learn to meditate.
  • Practice simple breathing exercises (pranayama).
  • Continue to keep and cultivate a slower pace of life, a silver lining of the pandemic.
  • Release the stresses from 2020.
  • Reduce our stress levels and learn how to keep them low.
  • Experience comfort in stillness.
  • Raise our vibration to heal ourselves and the planet.
  • Start the day with intention, focus & selfcare & experience the impact on the day ahead.

Twice a week for 30mins over 3 weeks.

Monday & Thursday – 630am to 700am – on ZOOM.

 Week one – 2/8, 5/8.

Week two – 9/8, 12/8.

Week three – 16/8, 19/8.

You do not need to be physically present for the meditations.

All sessions are recorded and a copy will be emailed to you.


Please send an email to


  • Morning Meditation Course $39.

Bank details: BSB 733-059 ACC 512308.

ZOOM meditation link will be sent.



Only the people with the link can view the meditation. Remember, the aim is for you to support yourself.  Meditation to get better at life, not to get better at meditation.  So you choose when you meditate.

I’m looking forward to being with you.

Past participants’ feedback:

“The impact of the morning meditations has been a better level of sanity in these somewhat insane times, and my ability to keep peaceful throughout the day.”

Jen Kus, August 2020

“My biggest take-away has been the stress and emphasis on the lack of judgement.  That what happens and what you experience is perfect for you at that time.  I can’t believe in only 3 weeks the changes have been quite remarkable.  I didn’t really know what to expect, but the course has exceeded any benefits I thought I would get from it”.

Rebecca Kenna, July 2020.

“I wasn’t sure how I would go doing a class over zoom and it was so much better than I expected.  The meditation definitely puts me in a more powerful positive headspace which helps me set the tone for our little household. I was surprised about how connected I felt to everyone whilst we were physically apart.”

Sally Plant, July 2020.

“I really enjoyed the course and found it very beneficial.  I have incorporated some new learnings into my day-to-day life. I liked the variety of meditations and overall I found myself to be more mindful, more grateful, calmer in my mind and more energetic in my body.  Also, I became more positive and less stressed.  The course exceeded my expectations and as always, your energy, Bettina, is very calming and healing to me, whether it’s yoga or meditation practice, or even just a short chat.”

Nadya Veretnova,  July 2020.

“I so enjoy listening to you and imbibing some of your strength and enthusiasm…  Hard days ahead – we all need meditation. ”

Chris R.B. July 2020.