“Let the Light In”

Meditation is both a gift and a lifeskill.  Most importantly, it is an experience.  Born out of the desire to allow everyone a positive meditation experience, our meditations are permissive and do not require any previous experience or knowledge.  We will explore different types of meditation in our time together.

Aim of the Course:

  • Learn to meditate.
  • Continue to keep and cultivate a slower pace of life, one of the silver linings of the pandemic.
  • Release the stresses from the last few months.
  • Reset our intentions, values, dreams and goals for the second half of 2020.
  • Reduce our stress levels and learn how to keep them low.
  • Experience comfort in stillness.
  • Raise our vibration to heal ourselves and the planet.
  • Starting the day with intention, focus and selfcare to experience the impact on the day ahead.

3 x times per week for 30mins over 3 weeks.

Monday, Wednesday, Thursday – 630am to 700am.

On Zoom.

Week one: 13, 15, 16 July.  Week two: 20, 22, 23 July.  Week three: 27, 29, 30 July.

Welcome in the light and set a positive tone for the significant second part of this year.

You’re encouraged to simply listen to the guidance of my voice and keep your video off.  Practice from anywhere.  Perhaps still in bed, before getting up.

If you happen to have to miss a session, I can email a recording to you.

I will send you a Zoom link, upon payment of $49 to Bettina Pfannkuch, BSB 733-059 ACC 512308.

Thank you.  I’m looking forward to fostering inner peace with you.