As the world transforms into a new state of being (you could call it transforming to the new vibrations of the 5th Dimension), we as individuals and a community are feeling and being impacted by the effects.  There is certainly a new sense of wisdom and enlightenment occurring on our planet.  5th Dimension commonly refers to a more spiritual way of being, or an awareness that we exist within a spiritual reality, as opposed to 3D, a more outward and physically orientated way of being.

With the Corona Virus Global Pandemic, myself, as a healer and conscious leader have been feeling that my time to shine had come and I was called to tap into this responsibility of guiding my students within to allow them to recognise this 5D higher perspective with our practice of yoga and meditation.  I felt for a long time that the connection between head and heart had to be made possible and would be a life-changing and enhancing practice.  In fact, traditionally yoga fosters the balance between our mind and our heart, our thinking and our feeling.  It is when our logic, our thinking, looks effortlessly after our feeling, our heart, that we can be most happy, balanced, content and fulfilled for long periods of time.  Crisis or not.

Let me recap the events:

On March 24th the studio was forced to close.

What followed were daily live check in sessions for a week, asking ourselves connecting questions and finding 3 things we were grateful for, until we opened our online studio on 30/3 with interactive Zoom yoga classes.  They have evolved into daily (some days 2 x daily) ways to connect to other members of the yoga community and to self.  This has proven to be the best way forward to keep our yoga and meditation practice alive and keep a sense of company, foster a sense of gratitude, and with that resilience to navigate calmly the crisis challenge at hand.  Mental, spiritual and physical health plays a vital role in our overall well feeling.  Even more so during a crisis.

Fast forward to today being the winter solstice (hello winter), I’m respectfully excited about in person face to face classes starting next week.  All classes will still be livestreamed on Zoom.  As some Zoom classes were recorded, we now have over 60 yoga classes and meditations on our YouTube channel.  I suggest you check it out and subscribe.  No fee, all joy and freedom to practice with me at any time anywhere.  Go move, breathe and be still with me.

SILVER LININGS, or how I spent my time:


First, it was more work, and physically & mentally challenging, as I had my own practice, then another full practice on Zoom, plus holding space, learning new ways of teaching and connecting, and the uncertainty of the crisis.  Gratitude, mindfulness, meditation and the yoga community gave structure, purpose and stability.  So thank you all from the bottom of my heart.

For a while, I turned to the guidance of my colleague and fellow yogi Ryan who helped me re-ignite my love of ashtanga yoga during our 6am live FB practices.  In my PJs.  My body loved it, as I didn’t experience soreness from extreme physical workouts at the gym (all closed due to corona).

Then I participated in two Pranayama (breathing) Courses with my colleague and fellow yogini Uma to practice 2 x seven days of breath work.  The courses were a lot of fun, reinforcing what I already knew and practice.  A confirmation that the mythology is much less of interest to me than the actual pranayama, breath work, and I will bring even more of that into each class.

For seven Saturday nights I re-connected with my philosophy and meditation teacher Swami Pujan, to learn about yoga philosophy, the workings of the mind etc.  I loved these stimulating discussions and   Sadhana on a Saturday night.

My own personal yoga and meditation practice flourished, meditation has become an easeful daily occurrence again and journaling in bed after savasana with a cup of tea felt like Christmas had come early.

I also continued a weekly, hourly coaching session with my friend Nikk, called mindset gym, a global community of inspired individuals, learning about growth mindset, and basically realising that a lot of concepts are very similar to yoga philosophy.

I’m currently enrolled in a weekly Reflexology course called “Feet Reading – Window to the Soul”.  Highly interesting and useful for both my Reflexology work and yoga and meditation.


Having the kids home for two months meant more conversation, lengthy, deep conversation.  Sometimes quite challenging conversations.  Do you know your children’s/loved ones deepest fears?  More board and card game playing.  More extended meal times.  More home cooking.  Miles really stepped up in the cooking and baking department.  More walking together.  Night walks, walks to the beach and the water reservoir.  Lately, we have started to go for runs together.  I hugely enjoyed the opportunity to mother and nurture the kids while they were home.  Roomservice was my love language.  Breakfast in bed, snack, lunch, have you got enough water.  Let me give your shoulders a massage During remote learning, I enjoyed hearing the kids interact with their teachers and peers and loved how I naturally became more involved in their schooling.  They both thrive in self-organisation and soaked up the freedom of remote learning.  We had a brilliant time together.


The answers to the questions of what is essential and what can I do without were answered more clearly.  I realised there isn’t much in my life that is superfluous.  I do live a conscious and simple life already.  I enjoy the simple pleasures of life.  And that is enough.  My work is important, it is what I have to do.  It is my dharma, my sva-dharma.  My passion, my purpose.  What is yours?

I have also realised that I am proficient in knowing my boundaries, and communicating them, not so good in setting or actioning them.  Work needs to be done here.  My communications skills also require constant refining.  Arrgh… lots of self—improvement on the horizon.

A new favourite place has become the Frankston Nature Conservation Reserve, Jeremy Way, Frankston South.  Pictured above.  If you’re local, check it out.  I have also picked up running again.  It’s surprisingly enjoyable 😊.  My body and mind need physical and mental challenges.  It’s what gives me the chemicals I need to thrive.  So I will return to some extreme physical practices when Parc opens again.

The connection to people is what makes life amazing.  The daily stillness is what makes connecting to self possible.


Reading in bed.  Journaling in bed.  Cuppas in bed.  Yoga in PJs.  More time spent with kids.  More time for reflection and contemplation.  Sleep Ins.


Things, people, situations that do not value my time or my energy I’m happy to let go of.  I will continue trusting my heart wisdom.  The balance of Head and Heart continues.

Being mindful of what and who to give our attention and our energy to will be my biggest suggestion to everyone.  As well as connecting to the heart space, to trust inner wisdom and intuition.

I have loved the deeper connection to my yoga students via Zoom and am forever grateful for their trust.

A big heartfelt thank you to the whole yoga community.  To you, for showing up, for navigating this challenging time.  Regardless of whether you came onto Zoom or not.  I appreciate your trust, your resilience and your adaptability to these new ways of being.  You are awesome.  Keep shining your light.

Om shanti.  Peace always.  See you on the mat.  Zoom or in person.  It’s all appreciated.

I value your time and energy.