Feedback from our Meditation Workshop participants

We all live busy lives.  We all would like to find ways to calm our minds and relax our bodies.  Our monthly meditation workshop offers just that, the exploration of several different ways to meditate, without dogma.

So if you considered meditation before, and are not quite sure where to start, or are wondering if you are “doing it correctly”, or if you even can meditate, then consider joining us for one of our monthly meditation workshops on Sunday mornings from 10 to 1130am.

I asked past participants to tell me in one sentence their reason to attend and what benefit they gained.

“My life is busy, I find peace and quiet in these workshops”.

“For me it’s a way of selfcare”.

“Here, I’m able to let go of physical stress and tension”.

“I know I could meditate more often, but I don’t.  So when I attend, I know this will see me through the next month”.

“It allows me to slow down”.

“It’s very peaceful here.  There is no judgement”.

“It teaches me how to be mindful”.

“My intention is to find balance and clarity”.

“I can find more mindful moments in my life, after what I learn here.

“My word for the year is gentleness”.

“I always find new inspiration for my home practice”.

“It’s a way to sleep and recharge”.

“Meditation helps with my anxiety and better sleep”.

“When I’m here, I actually will meditate”.

“Coming here recharges my batteries”.

“It inspires me.  I always take something new with me”.

“Meditation releases my stress.  I’m more relaxed in the days to follow”.

“I come here to slow down and calm my monkey mind”.

And my personal intention for offering this type of event, is to provide all of the above.  Most of us are much better at holding on and being busy, than letting go, slowing down and relaxing.

My classes and workshops are non-dogmatic. And open to everyone.  The simple idea to calm our minds and relax our bodies is an art and a lifeskill.

Join us on Sunday, March 24th 2019, from 10-1130am and monthly from thereon.

Cost: $25 casual or use your yoga class pass.

Wishing you a relaxed body and a calm mind.