In this video, I demonstrate a simple and effective way to move our whole shoulder girdle.  It is well known amongst our community of yogis and yoginis as the “opening and closing of book” sequence.  As well as stimulating front, back and side of shoulder and upper back region, we will also combine breath with movement, which will bring us into our parasympathetic response of our nervous system.  This is our “rest and digest” state, where healing and repairing of the body takes place.

This is how we move into a yogic state.

Make sure you are comfortable.  Either sitting, kneeling, standing or even lying down.

Allow the movement to happen first.  Then see if you can connect breath with movement simultaneously.

Keep your arms in shoulder height if you can.  If you lower them down, the intensity of the exercise will be less.

Let’s practice:

Please let me know how it goes for you.

And maybe you can share YOUR favourite way to open your shoulders.