SPRING – The season of RENEWAL.

To honour the transition from winter to spring, from darkness to light, see if you can incorporate this simple meditation into your life.  The spring equinox on 21 September marks equilibrium between day and night, and it is the aim of yoga and meditation to restore balance in mind, body and spirit.

In addition to our yoga practice, see this link to website for my suggested yoga poses for spring http://theartofbalance.com.au/7-go-to-yoga-poses-for-spring/, a meditation practice will give you another dimension and tool to celebrate the change of season, both within nature and within yourself.  Restoring and finding balance.

Find a comfortable seated position.  Let your spine be long and draw in soft, smooth and even breaths through your nose.  Scan your body and see if you can release any tension with the use of your exhalation. Sit and be like this for a few breaths or longer if time permits.

Meditation Script.

  • Start to feel your sit bones against the surface you are sitting on.
  • See if you can visualize grounding down into your sit bones, as if you are glued to the surface you are sitting on.
  • See if you can visualize growing roots or ankers to the earth.
  • Ask yourself what is grounding you to this earth, what is steadying you, what or who is stabilizing you.
  • Now visualise that, may this be something tangible, or intangible, a person, a thing, a belief, a habit or otherwise. Visualize it, feel it and bring it as close to you as possible.
  • Now, see if you can visualize the top of your head.
  • See if you can imagine that with each inhalation through the top of your head you breathe in new energy, and with each exhalation release anything that is no longer useful to your mind, body and spirit. You do not need to know consciously what that is, the intention to do so is enough for this meditation.
  • Repeat breathing and visualizing in this form for as long as you have time and are comfortable.

If thoughts, feelings, sensations or emotions arise, simply acknowledge them, and see if you can come back to the meditation.

You can practice this anywhere and at any time.  The practice as such is where the benefit lies.

To end, bring your hands into anjali mudra (prayer hands) in front of your heart and close with a moment of gratitude and reflection, soaking up the energy of your meditation into your life and into your whole being.

Enjoy being in meditation, be kind to yourself and have fun.

With my best wishes for a vibrant season of Spring.