The season of Winter & your Kidney Health

Each season is associated with one of five elements.


Earth Metal Water Wood Fire. Winter belongs to the Water element.

The energy that predominates this season is a slow, inward energy that encourages introspection and insightfulness. Like water, it is clear and deep; restorative and quiet.

The organ of the body associated with this element is the kidneys. In Chinese physiology the kidneys are seen as the root and foundation of the body. They promote energy and warmth.

The emotion the kidneys are associated with is courage.


Weak kidney energy leads to a greater tendency of lower back pain and injury, slower thinking, feeling the ‘cold’ more, hair loss and premature aging and exhaustion. It wears out naturally with aging and is exacerbated by high levels of anxiety, fear and stress, overwork, insomnia and prolonged exposure to a cold environment.

So we thought it adamant to nourish and bring vitality into the area of the kidneys with some particular yoga therapy. Here is one of our favourite poses, working deeply into the kidney area. We call it “kidney squeeze”. Do try, you might even like it.

Simply come into tabletop, move one lower leg & foot off your mat and look over your shoulder on that side, trying to see your buttock cheek. Feel an almost uncomfortable squeeze into that side of your torso & a stretch on the opposite side of your torso. Do not miss the scrumptious sensation as you release one side and repeat on the other side. Hold each stretch & squeeze for as long as you can comfortably breathe.

Remember your inner & outer smile & enjoy, knowing you are replenishing the energy of your kidneys! Your kidneys also appreciate a warm environment & warming & nourishing food. And since kidneys need the fire element to work efficiently, wearing warm & comforting clothing including the colours red, pink, pumpkin, & purple, or even invest in a red yoga mat or blanket will help support your energy during this time of year.

More things you can do for your kidneys:

  • Massage your kidneys upon waking
  • Early to bed in winter and nap when tired
  • Avoid sweating during work or exercise
  • Save 20% of your energy for yourself
  • Dress warmly especially the kidney, head and neck areas
  • Stretch regularly
  • Eat a walnut each day
  • Eat soups and casseroles
  • Avoid icy food and drinks
  • Reduce anxiety and stress


Have a massage or reflexology treatment

Have fun and stay warm!

With Love

Bettina Pfannkuch