Yoga is a practice of union, of seeking a healthy partnership with yourself and, in the wider sense, a healthy partnership with others.  This can be family, co-workers, relatives, business partners, life partners or clients.

To honour this ancient practice of yoga and to allow you to get to know me, your yoga teacher, a bit more closely, I have listed the 7 values that are most important to me when it comes to creating and fostering healthy partnerships.  This is also how I approach teaching yoga, conducting business with my clients, and live my life.

  1. Authenticity
    The ability to know oneself fully.  Warts and all.  So we can be honest and transparent in any situation.
  1. Compassion
    The ability to put oneself in the shoes and situation of others.  This allows us to act with understanding, care and consideration.
  1. Integrity
    The ability to have and to adhere to a high personal code of ethics.
  1. Accountability
    The ability to own and acknowledge one’s errors and mistakes in judgment.  And then take responsibility for the impact of those actions and choices.
  1. Assertion
    The ability to express one’s needs clearly & distinctly without judgement, emotional manipulation nor blame.
  1. Self discipline
    The ability to act from one’s own intuition and to lead from the heart.  The ability to show initiative.
  1. Freedom of choice
    The ability to put all those values in place and practice them on a daily basis.

I hope this inspired you to look at the practice of yoga in a different light.

Please feel welcome to share any of your values and anything that comes to your mind.  Thank you.

With much gratitude,

Bettina Pfannkuch