Variation In each and every class


Hi, I’m Liza, I have started yoga with Bettina in 2011. At the time I re-commended my yoga practice, 100% of my time was spent looking after little ones at home. As my husband was also working from home, and I needed something for me, time away from all, to nurture, replenish, stretch, tone, grow & ground and yoga did all of that for me and I had very much been missing it after 2 years pause.
So to be more specific about how yoga has helped me, here is my answer:
Yoga has immensely improved my posture, it helped with back & neck pain, and over the years my asanas (physical postures) have improved greatly. But when I think deeper it is more about how it’s helped me in all areas; mentally, physically & spiritually. When I first started yoga in 2004 I used to struggle in each & every posture, I couldn’t get out of my own way and I was stuck in my head. But very recently I’ve noticed how I can immediately enter a peaceful state of calm and ease. I’ve realized my yoga practice has become a moving meditation which is so very special.
I’m totally addicted in the best possible way! I can’t imagine life without some kind of daily yoga now. It makes me feel great in every way & I just love it for that.
I keep practicing with Bettina, because she is the best yoga teacher that I have found for me. I love that she loves to vary each & every class, I love all the extras she teaches us without it being noticeable. I love that she connects to seasons, moon cycles, how we feel etc. and I love her infectious enthusiasm and gratitude for life.
Thank you very much Bettina, I still remember coming home from my first class with you and how excited, rejuvenated and enthused I was. You just give so much so generously and I’m so very grateful for that, your wisdom & friendship.

Liza Baker, Mt Eliza – November 2014