Home Yoga Summit 2014

My words, my view, my philosophy:

Show up, do your best & surrender to the outcome!

And it all starts with self-love and self-respect.

Earlier this year I was invited by Christina Jagusiak owner of Satya Live Yoga Yoga to speak at the world’s second Home Yoga Summit.

Myself and another thirteen (13) well-known yogis from around the world provided their insights and expertise as to how to establish a home-yoga practice. Feeling honoured to have had the privilege to do so, knowing it has inspired many on the summit, I openly share this with you too, trusting you will find inspiration too.

This video will open your mind to a new way of looking at your yoga practice. You will grasp of why your home-yoga practice is such an essential tool to your inner & outer radiant healthy self.

Here’s the summit’s intro:

“Bettina Pfannkuch, founder of ‘The Art of Balance – Yoga & Massage’, shares her joyful and energetic passion of yoga, health and well-being, with everyone she meets. With two decades of yoga practice and experience in many styles, Bettina reflects the philosophy that yoga is accessible to every-body and can be practised anywhere, any time and without the need for special equipment. Check out her studio and inspiring facebook page.”

“It’s crucial to discover your WHY?

Why you want a home yoga practice and how one can support you. In this uplifting and very personal interview, Bettina shares how you can dedicate the time and space to give back to you. Why? Because you deserve it!

Let go of the expectations, the guilt, the restrictions, all the barriers that stand in your way and radiate that love for yourself to positively influence the world around you.”



Happy watching, listening and practicing. Please share your takings from it, I love to hear from you.