2 Minute Breath & Intention Setting Practice – Allowing yourself to feel good

Setting an intention for the month ahead, as well as daily, allows us to stay focused on our own personal life goals and plans.  Not disregarding what is going on around us, merely incorporating and not getting distracted by what is outside our influence.  Daily or monthly intention setting is also a beautiful practice to bring us into the present moment.  As that is where life happens.  It’s opening ourselves up to our fullest potential.  And it eliminates self-doubt long term.

At the beginning of 2021, I have set the intention for you, my clients, to hold space for you throughout 2021, and to remind you that you are allowed to feel good.  Here is a little help with that.

My personal intention for July is ‘true-heartedness’.

How to:

Bring yourself into a comfortable position.  Sitting, standing, lying down.  Your choice.

Bring one hand onto your heart and one hand onto your belly.  Or, like in the image, bring your hands into Mudra of Knowledge.  Start to notice your breath.

On your inhalation say to yourself “I am worthy”

On your exhalation say to yourself “I feel good”.

Say this with the whole-hearted intention of allowing yourself to feel good inside and out.

Do this for a couple of minutes.

Watch yourself calm, relax, and feel good.


You have the option to do this with a 3 Fold Breath – Dirga Pranayama.

The three parts are the abdomen, the ribcage and the chest.

On your inhale, take a long deep breath in completely filling your lungs in a 3 fold way.  First inhale into your belly, then move breath into your ribs, then into the chest.

On your exhale do the reverse.  Completely empty the chest, ribcage and belly.

Notice how you feel.  Allow yourself to feel good.  Notice that even after only 2 minutes there is a shift.  Let me know how it goes for you.  Happy practicing.

If you’d like to experience more of this, consider joining us in our morning meditation & pranayama journey held every month.  Next one starts on July5th.  Email to book

Much love