Helen’s testimonial


Bettina’s online classes are the perfect way to practice during our time of self isolation!

These classes are so personal, you really do feel like you are there in the studio with her, leaning into her wisdom and yogic energy. These classes are accessible to everyone, not only in relation to the physical asana, but in the philosophy that Bettina so generously shares. Bettina has such a special gift of weaving threads of knowledge on how yoga can help us all collectively both on and off the mat during each and every practice. This is an absolute gift, especially in these times of social distance and isolation.

I have found that having the online timetable running also gives you accountability – I am 100% more likely to turn up at a scheduled time rather than rely on my own discipline to get on the mat or practice with a pre-recorded class.

In the Zoom setting, you also get to see all our fellow yogis and yoginis (should you choose to have your camera setting on!). Seeing friends and familiar faces is amazing, you really do feel that sense of belonging and community energy that is so special to The Art of Balance – which is needed more than ever in these times of challenge and uncertainty.

Thanks as always for helping us develop our flexibility both physically and mentally by changing the way we do things when needed.

Helen, Frankston – April 2020

Mardi’s testimonial

Mardi’s spontaneous sharing of how yoga has impacted her life.
She mentions better quality of sleep and more energy. Listen for yourself…

Thank you Mardi for your trust, your business and your enthusiasm.

Mardi Malone, Frankston – June 2019

Healing anxiety, stress and PTSD with reflexology and Hahnemann healing

Bettina, I want to sincerely thank you and share my experience about receiving both Reflexology and Hahnemann Healing from you.

Here’s a bit of information about what these two treatments have helped me with so others may benefit too. For years I had been suffering from and was eventually diagnosed with chronic Stress and Anxiety and was also dealing with the effects of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.


When I think about what I can do for myself to help when feeling very stressed or anxious, or even when suffering muscle tension in the body, Reflexology from Bettina, is the first thing that comes to my mind. I have had treatments elsewhere before, but did not find it relaxing nor enjoyable at all, but from Bettina, I always walk away feeling completely relaxed, invigorated, and lighter in mind, body and spirit. I highly recommend a Reflexology treatment from Bettina to anyone wanting an indulgent, relaxing, and calming experience. It really has helped me more than I expected.

Hahnemann Healing.

Hahnemann Healing was something I had never had any prior experience with, nor did I know anyone that had received this type of treatment before, so I was completely open minded as to how it would go. I am so glad that I did because it has helped me deeply with my anxiety and PTSD, also with insomnia, and chronic shallow breathing It allowed me to recognize things I was holding on to and release them in a non-confronting, non-judgmental way. This I have to attribute to Bettina’s professional, compassionate and non-judgmental approach.

Thank you Bettina, I don’t think my words really do justice as to how much you really have helped me. I highly recommend Hahnemann Healing from Bettina, to anyone wanting to feel the sense of emotional freedom and so much more. Sincerely, Mandy

Mandy Needham, Frankston – May 2015

Becoming less fearful and more grateful


I practice yoga with Bettina because she is a glowing, bright and heartwarming individual with a wealth of knowledge. She is joyous about sharing. Each class is about challenges, laughter, kindness and positive energy. Bettina genuinely loves and cares for each and every one of her students…this is obvious.
After attending a seminar related to stress management in the workplace, I realized I needed to take better care of my health (both mentally and physically) to deal better with daily life and to help me achieve an overall sense of calm and happiness. I was also looking to improve on my general strength, to maintain flexibility and challenge myself in new ways.
This is how yoga has changed my life: My strength has noticeably improved over the months and I have slowly become less fearful of things in life that may have otherwise held me back. Noticing the way I hold my body and being able to correct it has had the biggest impact on my posture.
Learning breathing techniques changed the way I deal with everyday stressful and emotional situations, giving me the power to control my body and feelings. My capabilities when running or exercising have also benefitted from understanding how to use my breath.
Setting challenges has been exciting, this was given me something to focus on and commit to and I am rewarded with a sense of achievement when I fulfill them.
Making connections with Bettina and the other beautiful people that bring joy, laughter and a positive energy to my day has been the highlight of attending yoga classes with the Art of Balance!
I continue to practice because it is my time! A weekly class refreshes my mind and body, keeping me calm and energized. Yoga has been an entirely positive experience in my life. We are constantly changing and improving throughout life, therefore I will continue to practice to be a better person for myself and those around me.
I would love to thank Bettina from my heart for keeping me grounded, flexible and for sharing her valuable skills and knowledge to help me take better care of my mind and body and to be grateful for what I have.

Tegan Carter, Langwarrin – November 2014

Being fifty – feeling thirty


Lee Bal

My yoga journey began as my health had gone downhill in July 2013. After having to leave a job I loved, endless doctors’ visits (none could help), I needed something to help get me moving and give me motivation to get up and go. As soon as I found Bettina on google, I knew this was the place for me.
For someone who occasionally used a treadmill for exercise I was very surprised that I was able to do a lot of the yoga poses at the first lesson. I had the best night sleep in ages from that lesson. Learning different breathing techniques and meditation has helped me to assist with panic attacks that I have had for 14 years. I can now drive & be outside my comfort zone.
I love the fact that you don’t know what poses you will be doing each lesson. In each lesson you learn something new and helpful for different ailments you may have which you can use in your home yoga practice.
Bettina is a loving, caring and fun teacher. I love my Thursday morning class (you can have a laugh but still be serious). I have met some lovely people through coming to Bettina’s classes.
I may be 50 but feel about 30. Yoga has improved my mind, body and soul.

Lee Bal, Frankston South – November 2014

Passion that makes a difference


When I started to practice with Bettina in 2012, I was looking for calmness & space in a busy lifestyle, as well as wanting to keep my body & mind healthy and spending time with like-minded people. I started yoga as a teenager and have gone back to it at intervals through life, each time getting something different from my practice.
Yoga gives me space to focus away from day to day tasks and stresses, I feel valued and I am able to value myself. I am keeping my body and mind in shape and I feel more self-aware. I miss my practice when I don’t do it. I feel it makes up part of a healthy lifestyle and helps me to feel good & more positive about myself.
I love Bettina’s small studio, the outlook, the smell, the warm welcoming environment which Bettina creates so skillfully.
Thank you for sharing your passion Bettina, you truly make a difference!!

Kobita Sarkar, Mt Eliza – November 2014

Gentle guidance, encouragement and total acceptance


My motivation to start yoga at the Art of Balance studio was to improve my posture to allow me to go further with weight training. It was at the advice of my personal trainer who told me that it would be unsafe to increase my weights if my posture was not correct. She suggested I find an Iyengar trained yoga instructor on the Mornington Peninsula and recommended I try a class with Bettina.
Bettina and I communicated via email initially to discuss my reasons for getting started and she was immediately warm, welcoming, encouraging and gentle. Starting exercise classes can often be confronting as we expose our physical selves to unfamiliar people. The studio is a peaceful and calm sanctuary that made me feel relaxed and welcome. There was an energy that I had not experienced before. It was evident that the students were present in their own bodies and experiencing something very personal. I felt a warmth and acceptance that allowed me to focus on my intention for attending that first class. The format of the class made sense and I could see that this was a holistic approach. I was very excited about having discovered Bettina and could not wait to return.
There is a familiar format to Bettina’s classes that is comforting and allows me to settle in quickly to each session. To begin with, there is time to relax and let go, which sets me up to be present for each class. A sense of community is encouraged in a gentle way with our name share circle and a time to express what part of our bodies we might like to work on. I find Bettina’s way of designing each class around the needs of her students on the day just brilliant. The sequences that follow are then different in every class and provide a total body workout each time. In over six months, every class I have attended has been different and I am never bored. Each class provides me with a deep muscle, resistance, postural and cardiovascular workout. It also cultivates my well-being, flexibility and vitality.
As important as the physical benefits (probably even more important) is the deep relaxation and spiritual connection that Bettina’s classes have given me. This has been the unexpected and beautiful surprise of my yoga journey at The Art of Balance.
Meditation is something that I have practiced since my early 20’s as a way of helping with stress and anxiety. My mother practiced it when I was a young girl and it is familiar to me. Yoga is something I have practiced on and off since my late 20’s following a life-threatening illness. It was something I explored in recovery but didn’t continue with on a consistent basis. I started to incorporate it into my gym routine as a way of stretching and elongating the muscles. Although there was often some relaxation at the end of most yoga classes, the two were always separate for me.
Thanks to Bettina, I now understand that yoga and meditation are intrinsically related and that is what brings me to each class. My mantra is now “Through the senses, with the body, for the mind”. Each class is a balance of letting go of unwanted thoughts and feelings and physical restrictions and welcoming positivity, calmness and strength. Bettina reminds us of the balance between effort and ease. I now understand the importance of our breath and the connection it has for me physically and emotionally. Each in and out breath leads me through my asana practice and allows the flow of each posture. At the same time, as taught by Bettina, each in breath can be used to attract a quality we wish to embrace and each out breath can be used to let go of something we no longer require. This approach allows me to stay focussed and have both a physical and spiritual experience throughout my postures.
Ending each class with the opportunity to completely relax, let go and allow the body and mind to experience the vibrations of the practice is the icing on the cake!
As a result of my practice so far, I have experienced a positive shift in my emotional health, an ability to more readily let go of things that do not serve me, faith and trust in my ability to self-enquire, an improvement in physical strength, muscle increase and tone, calmness, positivity and so, so much more.
My yoga practice is something I crave and WANT to do. This is just the beginning of my journey and I am filled with such excitement to see where it takes me from here.
Thank you Bettina! Your beautiful studio and your ‘tribe’ provide a sanctuary where each soul is safe to explore their personal journey with your gentle guidance, encouragement and total acceptance. Namaste

Sandra West, Mt Eliza – November 2014

Less stress and anxiety, more feeling awesome inside and out


Why I practice at The Art of Balance – Yoga & Massage.
I LOVE Bettina and her classes! Bettina’s classes are perfectly balanced. I enter her studio knowing that I will leave feeling like I have worked with my body and mind but also had a chance to unwind and relax. She caters to all fitness levels and no one is ever excluded. There is a sense of friendship and community between Bettina and all the other students. It is a very kind and safe environment! She encourages conversation, curiosity, sharing ideas and playfulness. Her boutique studio is surrounded by nature. It’s always clean and feels luxurious. Bettina is a wonderful teacher, friend and mentor to me. The instant one walks into the room one feels cherished and she always takes the time to engage meaningfully with each and every student at some point during the class!

I have recently moved from Sydney to Frankston. Last year I decided that I wanted to share the joy of yoga and become a yoga teacher! I have the opportunity to practice at Hampton Yoga School where I do my teacher training but felt like I needed to find a smaller studio closer to home for my practice. I did some research and came across Bettina’s website and felt strongly drawn to her style and decided to try out a class. I loved it and have been coming regularly ever since.

This is how yoga has changed/improved my life:
Yoga has totally changed my life!
Other physical disciplines that I have practiced, for example dance can be very strenuous. Students are often expected to push their bodies to the limit. Although I love dance now, as a younger dance student I often felt frustrated and upset that my body couldn’t do what a professional ballet dancer could do. By the time I was 20 I decided I was never going to be “good enough” to dance and I gave it up.

You are never “not good enough” to do yoga. Absolutely anyone can do it!

Before starting yoga I was a very shy and anxious person. I got to a point in my early 20s where I felt ‘lost’. With very low self-confidence and self-worth I felt ‘down’ most of the time. One day I decided to try yoga because it seemed like something that might help me. After a few yoga classes I began to experience much less stress and anxiety. I started to notice my body getting strong and flexible once more. I began to love and appreciate my body and myself again. Now I feel like I can handle almost anything life throws at me. I have gained a huge amount of self-confidence. I am kinder and more patient towards myself and others. I am more in tune with myself and am enjoying the journey of life! Yoga has given me a purpose.

Now I am teaching yoga as well as dancing and teaching ballet again. I love my work. Being able to help and support others and watching my students develop and grow is incredible. I use my yogic skills and concepts to support my teaching and my ballet students as well. I like to bring yogic principals into my dance classes so that my young dancers can recognise their own unique strengths and learn how to express themselves through movement.
I continue my yoga practice because you never stop learning and growing. Yoga is part of my lifestyle, it’s fun and it makes me feel awesome inside and out!

Bettina supports her students in many ways, not just yoga asana classes. I really love receiving her monthly email newsletters, reading her blog, watching her videos and attending special events such as the Yin Yoga and Singing-bowl Meditation.

Bettina I am a huge fan, I love being your student!!!

Jennifer Powell, Langwarrin – November 2014

Student for life finds sense of community


When I started yoga I wanted more flexibility for dancing and I also wanted to tone up. Surprisingly, I have gained many other benefits, such as my neck pain eased, I sleep better and I dance with more grace, flexibility and ease. This in turn created more enjoyment for movement and life in general. My mental attitude improved, anxiety lessened and I feel more open to life. I continue because I want to maintain my healthy emotional, mental and physical wellbeing.
I practice with Bettina because she is a nurturing, caring and genuine yoga professional who has a great sense of humour and fosters a wonderful sense of community with her students.
I am moving away, otherwise I would be a student for life with The Art of Balance.

Thank you Bettina for showing me “I can do Yoga”.

Amy Jung, Frankston – January 2015

Encouragement, advice, daring and cheek – in perfect proportion


I wanted to explore yoga as a way to improve/maintain flexibility and potentially gain some mental benefits.

Along with improving my flexibility, I was surprised and very happy to learn how much strength building is achieved through my practice. Another unexpected aspect was the profound impact yoga practice has on me mentally. It has made me much more aware of my thoughts and emotions in daily life and provided me with some means to deal with undesired situations. Yoga has inspired me to achieve a better standard of living, both physically and mentally.

It is the time in my day/week that is mine, and I finish practice feeling completely content in myself. I look forward to my practice as a way to reset my mind and body to the authentic me.

Bettina’s obvious passion and knowledge combined with her sense of humour create an atmosphere and experience that is supremely satisfying. Encouragement, advice, daring and cheek are all given in perfect proportion.

Thank you Bettina for introducing me and my family to the profoundly positive life-changing practice of yoga. We value our practice with you so greatly, and are going to miss you dearly once we move overseas.

Lee Ponzio, Langwarrin – November 2014