Helen’s testimonial


Bettina’s online classes are the perfect way to practice during our time of self isolation!

These classes are so personal, you really do feel like you are there in the studio with her, leaning into her wisdom and yogic energy. These classes are accessible to everyone, not only in relation to the physical asana, but in the philosophy that Bettina so generously shares. Bettina has such a special gift of weaving threads of knowledge on how yoga can help us all collectively both on and off the mat during each and every practice. This is an absolute gift, especially in these times of social distance and isolation.

I have found that having the online timetable running also gives you accountability – I am 100% more likely to turn up at a scheduled time rather than rely on my own discipline to get on the mat or practice with a pre-recorded class.

In the Zoom setting, you also get to see all our fellow yogis and yoginis (should you choose to have your camera setting on!). Seeing friends and familiar faces is amazing, you really do feel that sense of belonging and community energy that is so special to The Art of Balance – which is needed more than ever in these times of challenge and uncertainty.

Thanks as always for helping us develop our flexibility both physically and mentally by changing the way we do things when needed.

Helen, Frankston – April 2020