I Love Myself Moisturizer

Natural, Home-Made, Goodness-Oozing, I-Love-Myself Moisturizer


My face & body moisturizer is made with natural ingredients, lots of love and two decades of product-making & body-work experience!

No nasty chemicals nor preservatives. Nobody else’s vibes.

I make it with the face in mind, so it is very nourishing to be used on the whole body too. It has been born out of my desire to make natural products affordable, accessible and real.


Use it, don’t keep it!

Use indulgently, often, with gusto, for face, body, sores, scratches, bites (love or otherwise), make-up removal, after-sun, after-shave, baby bottoms, eczema, any skin unwellness, for you and for the whole family.

I also use this in all my Reflexology treatments.


Here are some of the ingredients your skin will be blessed with:

Essential Oils:

Ylang Ylang
and some others as desired

Vegetable Oils:

Sweet Almond
and some others as desired


Cocoa butter
and some others as desired


If you would like to get your smoothness on and your own jar of this magical potion, contact me on bettina@theartofbalance.com.au

120ml for $25.


Happy smelling, feeling and radiating delisciousness!