Private Yoga Classes with Bettina

Would you like to:

  • reach your health goals in a short period of time
  • have 100% undivided attention
  • gain maximum outcome for a set amount of time
  • have flexibility with your weekly commitments
  • have a tailor-made yoga program
  • enjoy the convenience & privacy of your own home
  • spend more time by yourself
  • spend more time with a friend or a partner
  • feel supported
  • feel nurtured
  • feel cared for
  • do something different

…private yoga classes at The Art of Balance are the right tools to fulfill those dreams.

We come to you or you come to us – You Choose.


We have two special programs to offer:

Heart Inspiration – YOU and a Friend

  • practice yoga with a friend
  • enjoy convenience of your home or
  • share studio space with your friend only
  • spend time with your friend
  • support each other
  • have and feel presence of a loved one
  • build on your friendship
  • receive 100% attention
  • enjoy the choice in timeslot to suit your schedule
  • tailor-made yoga program
  • enjoy doing something different
  • have a cuppa and a chat afterwards

Soul Inspiration – YOU

  • practice yoga on your own
  • enjoy the privacy of the studio or
  • enjoy the convenience of your home
  • undivided attention
  • reach your health goal in a short period of time
  • 100% focus on you
  • minimum distraction
  • maximum outcome
  • flexible timeslots to suit your schedule
  • tailor-made yoga program



Both programs are available either at the studio in 40 Woolston Drive, Frankston South, or in the privacy and convenience of YOUR OWN home.

Call 0424 620 539 or email  today and I will start you on your gift for life!