Yoga and You at The Art of Balance

Yoga at The Art of Balance is about You!


It’s about how you feel physically, mentally and emotionally and what you would like to achieve in your practice long-term and every time you see us.

We teach Yoga from beginners to advanced. You choose the pace of your practice and the level of intensity.

We guide and inspire you with passion and experience to assist you in the process.


At The Art of Balance you will receive individual attention both in our group classes and our private yoga classes, making your practice suit your particular needs. Whether that be gentle and restorative or dynamic and strengthening. We will always guide you through your practice safely and with compassion.

We are teaching from the heart, rather than following a script, offering you many options and choices to suit your body shape, state of mind, level of fitness and health concerns.

Our class sizes are kept small ensuring personalised attention throughout the whole length of each practice.

bettina - high lunge hands on heart


Variety of Sequence

Because yoga at The Art of Balance is about you, we offer you a different sequence each time you see us, acknowledging that you feel different each time we see each other. This allows you to learn something new each time, whilst building on what you have already learnt. It allows us to take into consideration the time of the day, the season, the energy and health challenges you bring with you on any given day.


Type of Yoga

At The Art of Balance we offer a personalised approach to the ancient healing art of yoga. We incorporate flowing movements with steady postures to build a holistic and creative form of yoga. Drawing from various traditions such as dynamic Hatha yoga with the Iyengar precision, and the link between movement and breath of the Ashtanga system, integrating the many aspects of yourself – physical, mental and emotional.

We encourage postural alignment, balanced muscular action combined with the steadiness of the mind and the fullness of the breath, concluding each practice with a deep relaxation.

We welcome you to make the practice suit your needs. We will always motivate you to find the fun and lightness in your practice and to move within your strengths and limitations, gently but steadily encouraging change, opening and transformation of both body and mind.


Who? – you!

Yoga at The Art of Balance is accessible to all levels of fitness and flexibility, ages and stages, genders and mindsets. We practice yoga in a bright and tranquil private studio with acceptance, freedom of choice and lots of fun. Come with an open mind and a willing heart.


Call 0424 620 539 or email and join us now!