Becoming less fearful and more grateful


I practice yoga with Bettina because she is a glowing, bright and heartwarming individual with a wealth of knowledge. She is joyous about sharing. Each class is about challenges, laughter, kindness and positive energy. Bettina genuinely loves and cares for each and every one of her students…this is obvious.
After attending a seminar related to stress management in the workplace, I realized I needed to take better care of my health (both mentally and physically) to deal better with daily life and to help me achieve an overall sense of calm and happiness. I was also looking to improve on my general strength, to maintain flexibility and challenge myself in new ways.
This is how yoga has changed my life: My strength has noticeably improved over the months and I have slowly become less fearful of things in life that may have otherwise held me back. Noticing the way I hold my body and being able to correct it has had the biggest impact on my posture.
Learning breathing techniques changed the way I deal with everyday stressful and emotional situations, giving me the power to control my body and feelings. My capabilities when running or exercising have also benefitted from understanding how to use my breath.
Setting challenges has been exciting, this was given me something to focus on and commit to and I am rewarded with a sense of achievement when I fulfill them.
Making connections with Bettina and the other beautiful people that bring joy, laughter and a positive energy to my day has been the highlight of attending yoga classes with the Art of Balance!
I continue to practice because it is my time! A weekly class refreshes my mind and body, keeping me calm and energized. Yoga has been an entirely positive experience in my life. We are constantly changing and improving throughout life, therefore I will continue to practice to be a better person for myself and those around me.
I would love to thank Bettina from my heart for keeping me grounded, flexible and for sharing her valuable skills and knowledge to help me take better care of my mind and body and to be grateful for what I have.

Tegan Carter, Langwarrin – November 2014