what is meditation?

Meditation is both a gift and a life skill. Most importantly, it is an experience. Born out of the desire to allow everyone a positive meditation experience, our meditations are permissive and do not require any previous experience or knowledge. We will explore different types of meditation in our time together.

the basic idea and the many gains:

Meditation, as well as yoga are lifelong practices. Not accomplishments!

As we work with our breath, our bodily sensations, thoughts, and emotional energies, we will become more adept at remaining calm and curious in the midst of any life situation.

The concept of being with what is, or meeting reality as it is, is the basis of peace. 

Feel into that concept for a moment.  This is so powerful. 

Being with what is!  No censoring, no getting caught up in it. 

Simply observing, acknowledging, becoming aware and receptive to the moment to moment reality.  And be curious about it.

Keeping calm, peaceful, content, loving and curious in absolutely any life situation is priceless, a most useful life skill to have and to cultivate.

And if the idea of sitting still does not appeal to you, well then don’t.  Be comfortable, take the meditation in any position you like.  You can move, walk, sit, roll, slump.  You do you.

Meditation does not require any special equipment and can be practiced anywhere and by anyone.  It does require some discipline though, like all things with great value.  Like brushing your teeth, practicing yoga and going to bed early! 



$25  casual class
$160 monthly unlimited
$180 10 class pass

Online Zoom

$35 weekly pass
$130 monthly pass
$15 casual

Morning meditations

$49 6 x 30mins 

I so enjoy listening to you and imbibing some of your strength and enthusiasm…  Hard days ahead – we all need meditation.

Chris R.B.

I really enjoyed the course and found it very beneficial.  I have incorporated some new learnings into my day-to-day life. I liked the variety of meditations and overall, I found myself to be more mindful, more grateful, calmer in my mind and more energetic in my body.  Also, I became more positive and less stressed.  The course exceeded my expectations and as always, your energy, Bettina, is very calming and healing to me, whether it’s yoga or meditation practice, or even just a short chat.

Nadya Veretnova

I wasn’t sure how I would go doing a class over zoom and it was so much better than I expected.  The meditation definitely puts me in a more powerful positive headspace which helps me set the tone for our little household. I was surprised about how connected I felt to everyone whilst we were physically apart.”

Sally Plant

My biggest take-away has been the stress and emphasis on the lack of judgement.  That what happens and what you experience is perfect for you at that time.  I can’t believe in only 3 weeks the changes have been quite remarkable.  I didn’t really know what to expect, but the course has exceeded any benefits I thought I would get from it

Rebecca Kenna

some common and unique benefits of meditation:

Experience comfort in stillness

Fill your own cup first

Practice self compassion

Become more positive and less stressed

Cultivate calm, positivity, and serenity

Become more energetic in your body

Practice meeting reality as it is

Learn to be with stressors in your life as they occur

Learn to respond, as opposed to react

Learn to appreciate the stimuli in your life

Continue to keep and cultivate a slower pace of life, one of the silver linings of our pandemic situation

Reset intentions, values, dreams and goals

Reduce stress levels and learn how to keep them low

Raise your vibration to heal yourself

Learn self-healing practices

Meet the day with intention, focus and selfcare

Meet your inner self

Cultivate spacious stillness

Improve your sleep

Improve energy levels

in meditation you give energy, attention, time to yourself.  You are present with yourself.  You indicate to the universe and those around you, that you love and care about yourself.

I observe a lot of personal struggles, unwellness and illnesses, in one’s lives do have their roots in one’s lack of self-love.

When you meditate you give yourself permission to feel loved by yourself, which in return gives those around you the permission to love themselves too, and to love you!  If love is too strong a word for you, see how you feel with exchanging it for “take yourself seriously”, or “look after yourself”, or how about “be considerate towards yourself”, or “have compassion towards yourself”?  Sounds and feels better for you. Well, there you go!  It all comes down to the same essential thing: to feel worthy of respect & love!

my personal view on meditation – it’s a bit like chocolate…

Meditation allows me to become aware!  And when we are aware, we can make choices, and I love choices.  I love having the freedom of choice!  Yep, one of my most important values is Freedom!  The Freedom of Choice!

I also like the fact that meditation allows me to become quiet, focused, peaceful, balanced, centred, calm, invigorated, alert, joyful, happy, soft, compassionate, mindful, loving, and humble.  And it gives me a mini holiday when I need it.  It is my tea-break throughout the day, my get-focused-for class, get-centred for a treatment, get-ready for the kids, pick-me-up before I grab the chocolate, my please-can-you-give-me-a-hug, my got-to-get to sleep now and my wake-me-up before I go go!

It is my 10-in-one therapy! My steady companion!

It lets me solve my problems, expand my business, meet myself with more clarity, allows me to fulfil my potential, makes me a more patient parent, and a more compassionate partner and friend, and it makes me a better teacher.  It allows me to listen to my inner voice and inner knowing, it is my rock and my mate.  I choose not to live without it!

I asked past participants of our meditation workshops for their reason to attend the event, and what benefit they have found.  In a powerful and precise manner. Here they are:

My life is busy; I find peace and quiet in these workshops

For me it’s a way of selfcare

Here, I’m able to let go of physical stress and tension

I know I could meditate more often, but I don’t.  So when I attend, I know this will see me through the next month

It allows me to slow down

It’s very peaceful here. There is no judgement

It teaches me how to be mindful

My intention is to find balance and clarity

I can find more mindful moments in my life, after what I learn here

My word for the year is gentleness

I always find new inspiration for my home practice

It’s a way to sleep and recharge

Meditation helps with my anxiety and better sleep

When I’m here, I actually will meditate

Coming here recharges my batteries

It inspires me. I always take something new with me

Meditation releases my stress. I’m more relaxed in the days to follow

I come here to slow down and calm my monkey mind