Yoga at The Art of Balance Frankston South Studio


You are invited to

…..allow yourself to acknowledge how you feel…..physically and emotionally…..

…..and from that point of freedom….. move forward…..

…..celebrate your abilities and from that point of joy….. move forward..

Benefits of Yoga

Yoga will always be therapeutic!

Regular yoga practise allows your body to heal itself from the inside out.

Experience increased strength and flexibility, mental calm and clarity of mind, increased energy levels and well-being, a heightened state of awareness, a happier outlook on life, better connection to self and others, increased bone density and levels of fitness, improved concentration, a leaner, lighter and detoxified body.

Yoga as a way of having me-time, as a way to feel supported and accepted, as a place to be, a tool for self-inquiry and observation, illness prevention and slowing down your aging process.

Working with you The Art of Balance may help you find many benefits

  • balance
  • restful sleep
  • flexibility
  • strength
  • support
  • compassion
  • relaxation
  • peace
  • inner calm
  • muscle tone
  • weight loss
  • good posture
  • clear thinking
  • healthy relationships
  • awareness
  • connection

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