Encouragement, advice, daring and cheek – in perfect proportion


I wanted to explore yoga as a way to improve/maintain flexibility and potentially gain some mental benefits.

Along with improving my flexibility, I was surprised and very happy to learn how much strength building is achieved through my practice. Another unexpected aspect was the profound impact yoga practice has on me mentally. It has made me much more aware of my thoughts and emotions in daily life and provided me with some means to deal with undesired situations. Yoga has inspired me to achieve a better standard of living, both physically and mentally.

It is the time in my day/week that is mine, and I finish practice feeling completely content in myself. I look forward to my practice as a way to reset my mind and body to the authentic me.

Bettina’s obvious passion and knowledge combined with her sense of humour create an atmosphere and experience that is supremely satisfying. Encouragement, advice, daring and cheek are all given in perfect proportion.

Thank you Bettina for introducing me and my family to the profoundly positive life-changing practice of yoga. We value our practice with you so greatly, and are going to miss you dearly once we move overseas.

Lee Ponzio, Langwarrin – November 2014