Less stress and anxiety, more feeling awesome inside and out


Why I practice at The Art of Balance – Yoga & Massage.
I LOVE Bettina and her classes! Bettina’s classes are perfectly balanced. I enter her studio knowing that I will leave feeling like I have worked with my body and mind but also had a chance to unwind and relax. She caters to all fitness levels and no one is ever excluded. There is a sense of friendship and community between Bettina and all the other students. It is a very kind and safe environment! She encourages conversation, curiosity, sharing ideas and playfulness. Her boutique studio is surrounded by nature. It’s always clean and feels luxurious. Bettina is a wonderful teacher, friend and mentor to me. The instant one walks into the room one feels cherished and she always takes the time to engage meaningfully with each and every student at some point during the class!

I have recently moved from Sydney to Frankston. Last year I decided that I wanted to share the joy of yoga and become a yoga teacher! I have the opportunity to practice at Hampton Yoga School where I do my teacher training but felt like I needed to find a smaller studio closer to home for my practice. I did some research and came across Bettina’s website and felt strongly drawn to her style and decided to try out a class. I loved it and have been coming regularly ever since.

This is how yoga has changed/improved my life:
Yoga has totally changed my life!
Other physical disciplines that I have practiced, for example dance can be very strenuous. Students are often expected to push their bodies to the limit. Although I love dance now, as a younger dance student I often felt frustrated and upset that my body couldn’t do what a professional ballet dancer could do. By the time I was 20 I decided I was never going to be “good enough” to dance and I gave it up.

You are never “not good enough” to do yoga. Absolutely anyone can do it!

Before starting yoga I was a very shy and anxious person. I got to a point in my early 20s where I felt ‘lost’. With very low self-confidence and self-worth I felt ‘down’ most of the time. One day I decided to try yoga because it seemed like something that might help me. After a few yoga classes I began to experience much less stress and anxiety. I started to notice my body getting strong and flexible once more. I began to love and appreciate my body and myself again. Now I feel like I can handle almost anything life throws at me. I have gained a huge amount of self-confidence. I am kinder and more patient towards myself and others. I am more in tune with myself and am enjoying the journey of life! Yoga has given me a purpose.

Now I am teaching yoga as well as dancing and teaching ballet again. I love my work. Being able to help and support others and watching my students develop and grow is incredible. I use my yogic skills and concepts to support my teaching and my ballet students as well. I like to bring yogic principals into my dance classes so that my young dancers can recognise their own unique strengths and learn how to express themselves through movement.
I continue my yoga practice because you never stop learning and growing. Yoga is part of my lifestyle, it’s fun and it makes me feel awesome inside and out!

Bettina supports her students in many ways, not just yoga asana classes. I really love receiving her monthly email newsletters, reading her blog, watching her videos and attending special events such as the Yin Yoga and Singing-bowl Meditation.

Bettina I am a huge fan, I love being your student!!!

Jennifer Powell, Langwarrin – November 2014